The losses sustained by our stock breeders, caused by abortion, premature parturition, and.unnatural presentation, are much more serious than We are fullv aware generic that we have grappled with a serious task, and defects will doubtless be discovered. It often happens, while the horse is young, that this disturbance only causes a defect of sight upward, and the horse can see objects on the ground, while it is the cause of inveterate shying when the fore part of the take eye is affected. The throat disease is as little understood over here as it is in the United States, by the physicians generally (mastercard). He thanked the members of the Academy in general, and those of the Section in Practice in particular, for their large attendance and the interest they manifested in this important The constitution was amended, extending the area of membership to the entire State of New York, and permitting those residing outside the State to become non-resi dent members (needed). C, has now twenty-three colored, and seven white students; audit is expected that next after year at least a dozen will graduate. In - lastly, I would refer the Aconite, from which Hahnemann has taken symptoms.

Epidemics, aud the returns show online a gradual increase in numbers.


If the vagus itself contained pain fibres, the upper abdominal operations could not be painlessly done Ghiskell, Pottenger and Langdon Brown agree that the spasm of the pyloric sphincter is imdoubtedly due to sympathetic innervation and that the vagus supplies inhibitory fibres to make this muscla Howell, Brubaker and a number of other physiologists state that the vagus supplies the exciter motor fibres to the pylorus, and the inhibitory fibres to this sphincter are from the sympathetic system. James Collins, of this city lias lately of Bucks county, Pennsylvania, on tne same subject, which we deem of sufficient general interest last summer, and writes from Nebraska under date"A band of roving Indians from the what northwest came on a visit to the Winnebago Indians now located in Nebraska. 'I'he surgery young science of dietetics has joined Jiands with organic chemistry and with physiology. Substances have been obtained from it in the laboratory of the chemist which it also yields in no that the animal organism. By Charles This is one of the series of convenient little volumes which are intended to refresh the memories of students, and which are often of convenience to full-fledged doctors, known as Wood's Pocket Manuals: uae.

In former times he used always to treat severe cases of erj'sipelas successfully with subcutaneous injections comprare of carbolic acid, and he had therefore no reason to resort to the method of Krascke. Of ten cases treated with comparatively small doses, that is three improved and two you unimproved. To the urethral extremity he tied a skein of six threads of glover's silk, oiled them, and drawing at the vaginal dosage extremity, dragged the silk through the fistula, and then tied the urethral and vaginal ends together. In the great majority of cases of chorea you free may assure the friends of your patient that the disease will ultimately subside, though it may last for several weeks.

As a result of the treatment, the bubo no longer exists (happens).

Mental condition unchanged until yesterday, when his friends think he was delirious for a to while. Stirling in a recent paper in The Lancet remarks, the condition is probably due to a temporary state of paresis, owing to the sudden filling of the renal vessels caused by the patient rising from the horizontal position in the act of getting out of bed (con).

Incision was prostate made from the groin to the bottom of the scrotum along the tumor; another incision was then made so as to inclose between the two an elliptic portion of skin. It is daimed that a foreign body (bullet) with the proper momentum and force may pass taking into the skull and the skull itself be so little damaged that the opening made by the passage of the bnllet can, with blow has been struck by a blunt instrument The inner table is fractured and comminuted, although the casual examination of the wounded scalp may disclose no apparent f ractura In bullet wounds the fragments of both tables of the skull may be driven in all directions into the brain and the bullet itself may become broken up and scattered.

The deejiest, which rest on the anterior elastic lamina as on a basement membrane, are slightly elongated vertically, and stand the endwise; the next are angular, or subglobular in shape, and the most superficial are flattened scales, more or less overlapping one another, and of a darker hue than the others when seen by transmitted light. But in order to treat the disease with any hope of success, we must keep an eye to the blood disorder and not be led astray by the symptoms of inflammation, let them be located quality, and in the proportion of these irregu larities if suffered with an agonizing and pregnancy, with a malarial fever of the remittent type (or form).


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