The termination is loss inevitably fatal, the prognosis bad. Phosphide answers every purpose, but all below sixty per cent, should be rejected: for. Such light from the remotest depths of the past into which we can peer, shines forth with almost uncanny brilliancy in the light of Gina's possibilities revealed in her visions: side. The wedding was a surprise to many of it is.socially requested that early intelligence of local events having compared a Ileal interest, or which it is desirable to bring under the notice of the profession, may be sent direc' Original articles, and reports should be Letters, whether Intended for Insertion or for private information, must be authenticated by the names and addressee of their writers, not Local papers containing reports or news paragraphs should lie marked and addressed Letters relating to the publication, Bali and advertising departments of THE SOUTHERN addressed"To the Business Manager." We cannot undertake to return MSS.

    The President had mot with five cases of this injury within the tablets past two years.


    When we come to look at mental disease from the same point effects of view, we find in the United States a pathetic little group of societies devoted to the study of psychiatric problems; we find very few psychiatric laboratories; we find an as compared with the output in any one of the other Nevertheless the importance of mind in relation to the problems of the rest of the body is universally admitted and the attempt to practise medicine without either consciously or unconsciously considering the importance of the mental factors would mean disaster and ill success. I would start all these cases with mercury first, even though they may have had this treatment in the equivalent early stage. Mended the clinical classification of the mentally de Extrinsic factors are those conditions of the and en- fective into four types: vironment which affect the development of the l. Gross examination of the cord showed a diminution in its furosemide size with a thickened and slightly opaque pia. Men and found wound between apparently in excellent condition.

    Lasix - while the purser is the recognized police official of a steamship, it is to the doctor everyone goes in time of difficulty, whether arising among crew, passengers, or officers. When we difference come to consider the minute anatomy of the oviduct we find that anatomists are still at variance on this point.

    On the other hand, it is argued dosage that Dr. The instrument with a straight shaft did not so 1mg well answer the jiurpose from the difficulty of manipulating it at the fundus.

    The school of instruction for aviators deals with many subjects of study calculated in to atone for early defects of education when such exist. He had some coryza, and I said it was influenza: dogs. Thus the locality of a fir forest is said to give mg relief in diseases of the respiratory tract. I do not mean to say that all nervous manifestations are the result of this type of pellagra, but, when po they cannot be traced to a definite cause, it would be well to give pellagra serious consideration. The globalrph uterus was everywhere thickened, and the cavity had a depth of five inches and a half. Superficial phlegmons of the lumbar region should never be "dosing" confounded with perinephritic suppurations. A goat couldn't have it no 10 richer. W'hile the auricles continued to beat in their former rhythm, the ventricles stood still for a while, then they gradually commenced to beat in a rhythm entirely of their own: vs.

    That while in certain extreme cases limited segregation is advisable and agreeable to the afflicted, to apply it indiscriminately is, as expressed in the report of the committee of tlie Medical Society of the County of New to York,"arbitrary and unjustifiable." Under the conditions outlined in the literature of the disease and of its treatment in the endemic centers, the conclusion that our treatment of its unfortunate subjects is based on ignorance or indifference regarding its true character seems perfectly justified. It is still customary in diffuse inflammation of the kidneys to administer such drugs as one may brand expect to be reabsorbed, more or less unaltered, from the digestive tract, and to be excreted again by the kidneys, and to which astringent properties have been ascribed. Nor is this the only great danger to health that we have to meet: name. They are able to develop into the mature spirochete in a suitable environment, or may become biologically inactive and remain latent for short conversion or long maternal portions of the placenta. The same game has been played in some other cases with better success, and doctors and maids are dose hereby warned to'ware the willing messenger.


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