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Jesika and Jennifer, Fort Walton Beach

Jenn and I met through mutual friends of ours on June 27, 2012. To look at photo's taken that night, some of my closest friends have said, "Look how in love you are." Funny, we had just met. We've been nearly inseperable ever since. It's like a fairy tale for me. She's the other piece of the puzzle that is my life, and she's been here waiting for me, as I have been searching for her for my entire life. When you least expect it, everything falls into place.

I was at my place doing dinner dishes, when she came up from behind, wrapped her arms around me and asked me to be her girl. I said yes then, and for the first time in my life, I believe that THIS is IT! :) I promised my mamaw when I was 15 years old that if/when I got married, I would do just like her and my grandpa, I would do it for real, for keeps and not flee at the first sign of trouble. Nearly 20 years later, I have found the woman that I want to marry. Who happens to want to marry me as well. While she has not done the "one-knee with a ring" proposal, almost daily one of us says to the other, "I'm gonna marry you"... or, "You're gonna marry me!"

As she is an event technician here in Ft. Walton Beach for Barefoot Weddings, she sees weddings weekly. While we've discussed doing a ceremony at some point, it's not just the paper, it's not just the ceremony... It's so much more. We've discussed the possibility of children in our future. Hopefully sooner than later, if we are blessed. At this time, our children are of the four legged variety, but they make our lil family whole. Someday, we will be legally married. I only hope that we do not have to flee to another state to do so.

I love her with all of best friend, my partner, my lover, my confidant, my ... everything. She is.

Frank and Sarge

Sarge and I just celebrated our 20th year together. We were both kind of lost souls the night we met - Sarge had lost a partner only a year prior and I had recently relocated cross-country to New York City. I had to be at work the next morning, so it took some coaxing to get me back to his place in New Jersey, but he eventually won out. As promised, he drove me back to the city the next morning, but an unexpected accident in the Holland Tunnel stretched the normal 45 minute commute into nearly three hours. Once we got back to my apartment, I did what any responsible 24 year old would do - I called in sick and spent the remainder of the day with him! Since then it became weekends, the odd day during the week and finally, me moving in with him that September. Needless to say, we haven't looked back.

Our lives eventually brought us here to Florida and we currently reside in Tamarac. We are the proud pet-parents of six. Our cats, Sundance, Smoke, Kaya, Norma Jean and Gilean think they rule the roost, but it's really Liza, our African Grey Parrot, who keeps everyone in line (and she's not afraid to name names, since she know everyone by sight and sound (including meow)!

While we have the benefit of a Domestic Partnership here in Broward County, we've had to take extra measures at our expense to protect both our life decisions and property. As one of the more successful relationships in both of our families, I believe we've earned the right to marriage - it's eventually going to happen - so why not now, so we can move onto more important things?

Kaleigh and Cecile

With our second wedding anniversary quickly approaching, we find ourselves feeling hopeful. 

Cecile and I met in 2006 though mutual friends. After 5 wonderful years together, we decided to tie the knot in 2011. Being legally married was important to us, so we made the 1,275 mile journey to New Hampshire, where we were married at a lesbian resort over the 4th of July weekend. 

We returned home to Florida, where we faced the reality that our marriage is not recognized by our home state. In Florida, we are considered 'single'. Our federal income taxes must be filed as 'single'. The reality is we are not single. We are married. We know that, our friends and families know that, and now, we eagerly await the state and federal governments to respect that. 

Earlier this year, after seven years together, we decided that we want to have children. We've started a blog ( that documents our experiences, in hopes that, someday, somewhere, it helps other LGBT families like ours trying to start a family. We've recently written for It's Conceivable, a blog dedicated to providing resources for LGBT families, and our personal blog, She and She was included in Babble's Top 25 Pregnancy blogs of 2013. 

We remain hopeful that the years to come will bring positive change for LGBT families, and that in our lifetime we will see true equality and protection under the law of our great nation.

Tom and John

We meet while both of us were miles apart. I was in Missouri, He was here in Florida. We meet on a chat line. then took it to talking on the phone. We feel in love with each other. We started video chatting in the mornings before him & i would go to work. We talked that way for about a year. Then he asked if i would like to come out to visit. I told him I come out I will not want to go back.

And sure enough I never did. He asked me to be his partner for life, and I said yes. we have been together now 2 years in August. We would like to legally marry, but right now we have only done what the MCC church will allow and that is a bound between him and I. We do have our domestic partnership. But would like to one day get married legally.

We both love each other so very much and nothing will ever change that between him and I.


If you're an ally who supports marriage for committed same-sex couples, tell us why!



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