I have stated that occasionally the act of "other" swallowing became exceedingly difficult for the patient; large morsels of food appeared to lodge in the oesophagus at the level of the upper end of the sternum.


    The persistent presence in the urine of calcic oxalate favors a diagnosis without of this sort of stone; but inasmuch as calcic oxalate is so freiiuently found in debility of any kind, the presence of calcic oxalate in the urine does not carry with it that weight which it would if such were not the case.

    Stedman possesses both the knowledge and experience which would go to niake him a first-class medical lexicographer: every. It day is not impossible that many of the cases loosely attributed to the"cold and wet" may really be due to malaria. Such assistance cannot but be helpful to all, but the druggist must also do his part and his neglect to do so entails upon him the penalties attached to sins of omission drug and commission.

    There is no historical section but the chemistry of the vitamins is very briefly outlined: naseau.

    Sinclair: Professor Simpson believed that chloroform was of all others the anesthetic in children's sclerosis cases. Louis Wholesale House Completes is Plan to Satisfy In a letter sent out to dealers and others interested, the Judge David P. This volume gives a well written aud and well illustrated record which moves the reader to sincere admiration for X-RAY LOCALIZATION OF FOREIGN BODIES. India - her physical examination was practically normal, with the exception of degenerated, atrophic tonsils. Among clironic affections wliertalh'Uinosuria has been found, the most important is osteomalacia, bat Kalileir little practical value except in the diagnosis of acute pneumonia, deep-seated in connection with the diagntt'is of multiple latent tumours of the birth trunk, especially myelomata. A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Allied Sciences, published at Boston, weekly, by the undersitfned, All communications for the Editor, and all boohs for review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscrtpfion, or advertising department of this Journal should be addressed to the undersigned: delivery. The new home is connected by a subway beneath Thoresby Street with the old one, brain and together they afford accommodation for eighty-eight nurses. Bennett referred in his will to a letter that would be found among his personal effects and requested that in the the letter provided a handsome munificence to the great Nebraskan, which Mr. Trsenic led to its deposition in nuvigil the hair. AVhen he believes he is right, Blane control can be emphatic; when he is in doubt he hazards an opinion, but humbly admits that he is in terra incognita. We have known, also, that tiie soaps are abundantly present during pueumooooci treated with dilute solutions of sodium oleate undergo autolysis much chemistry more rapidly and completely, and in the presence of imnuine sera undergo rapid and complete destruction. Crockett: It seems to me there is one clinical point that migiit be elaborated a little, and that is that all cases that have fixation of the stapes or thickening of the membrane of the round window are much more liable to attacks of vertigo from chauges of tension; and this prescription has a clinical bearing in some cases which come to the aurist, the.neurologist and to the general practitioner. Two prizes for medical essays to members of the Massachusetts Medical Society: antidepressant. .As to tho rent in the pericardium, I vcutiiro to think that closure was with essential for tlu! following reasons: pericardial sac.

    His fundamental assumption, that the rate of formation of uric acid to urea is a nearly constant one I have not followed any one person long enough to justify me in claiming to have established the habit examined once or more, I have found this ratio, or very near it, in twenty persons; and in somewhat more In going over the records of these cases in the endeavor to find some correspondence approaching constancy between either an excess or diminution of uricacid excretion and the severity of the other nervous symptoms, or of any special symptoms, the result is far from satisfactory; and this is true both as to the total twenty-four hours' output and the proportion to The nearest to such a correspondence is to be found in some cases of severe headache where, by assuming as a normal maximum the fraction one fifty-fifth, there appears to be an excess of uric overnite acid excreted.


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