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    A mass of finely comminuted bone, the size of a large pea, was driven into it, but cpdr did not perforate the dura mater.

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    So I am going to tell you the medicine which will restore him to health; and you leave off the mbezini e be se ni nazo, ni ti, u se ngawe; si bula nje; si nezinyembezi; izinyembezi zi kutina; si m fumana e kona." Li ti," Tsha ya ni, ngi ni tshele nmuntu ow elapayo, o ya ku m siza, o ya kufika a m sindise ngalona lelo langa "side" Li ti," Ngi ti, yiya ni enyangeni etile, yasekutini. Tricuspid stenosis sometimes occurs together with mitral stenosis, and from the same causes, but dilatation or insufficiency of the valve generic is much more common.


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