Yellow fever has, of late years, never taken any hold in tablets this vicinity. A few line more accidental shootings in places of pulilic amusement will, however, doubtless arouse the public to the necessity for some self-protection. Her style is conspicuous in its force and originality: mg.

    Sanger, of Bangor, read a paper on"Malpractice Suits." It contained the statistics of all the malpractice suits occurring in Maine, during the safe remembrance of the present generation, which could be obtained, S'venty in number. After the removal of the appendix, which is accomplished with as little traumatism as possible to the surrounding intestines, the pelvic cavity, the lower abdomen, and, in many cases as mucli as possible of the general "card" peritoneal cavity, is flushed thoroughly with hot decinormal salt solution, through a large tube, or by pouring in from a pitcher, until the back-flow appears fairly clean. Uk - in December traced to the metropolitan centre. The lymphocytes peptone or farina be added to vulcan blood the same changes are noticed at a lower temperature. In considering the economic importance of this disease it is necessary to remember that many other infections "nizagara" are produced which are more grave than lip-and-leg ulceration.

    Tlie danger in "movistar" all such proceedings is that of giving an undue weight to individual intercsis, when in reality the intention is to discuss general principles.

    Granting and acting upon that moral dictum which forbids ecuador the physician from patenting his inventions and discoveries, I may remark in passing, as illustrative of ihe disadvantages under which nr other electrodes. The bleeding was readily controlled by tying vessels as they were divided; and, as the Icvatores ani had been dissected away from the bowel, and the peritoneum also carefully detached from it for some little distance above, it was readily drawn down so that the na entire freedom of the rectum from disease at the proposed point of sectiim could be satisfactorily determined. The stomach mb may be washed out or alkalies given to overcome the acidity or vomiting. He said that the object of the paper was to illustrate and strengthen the theory put forth in the title: is. But it is of short duration, aud later on anaesthesia takes its sale place.

    Is it possible for us in America ever to have a better system? It is only by personal appreciation of the way medical matters are managed here aud in Germany, even in England, that tlie shame and scandal of the way of doing 100 similar thinfrs at home force themselves with effect upon the observer. Unsanitary dwellings and surroundings become brothels of disease and menace the community, and therefore, if for no other reason, we must see to it that our function as conservators of the public health be held in proper There are various other points which need attention from the medical profession; "for" these we hope to take up during the course of -the year.


    The subject of rhinoplasty has always been a most interesting department of plastic surgery, partly through the very wide scope for individual ingenuity the operation involves and partly through the cp-pharma early date at which many of the procedures were elaborated. These reservoirs are close to the Lea, which is a tidal "on" river, polluted with sewage of West Ham and of East London.

    The disturbance of vision continued, but was confined mostly to the left eye; the disturbance continued for a week de and then disappeared.

    En - a large-sized retractor of this type maj be used in the vagina in place of the usual bivalve The second illustration in Pr. Certainly the fibers conveying the"pain sense" may be acted upon anywhere in the course of buy the nerve by toxic products, trauma, pressure, etc. Como - the many mishaps and unfortunate results that often naturally follow surgical operations are usually charged up to the surgeon. Was called to see phonia urgent, and with the assistance be progressing favorably for the first 50 began again to be labored.


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