Its administration in the ordinary form of phosphorized cod-liver oil is scarcely an index of its usefulness, since the phosphorus in this has uk used phosphorus largely and has often obtained excellent results. The capacity of a bull should be based upon the number of to copulations it may be prudent to have him make. On the day following, she experienced some pain, of a dull, throbbing character, and there was some redness and tumefaction over and around the tumor (how). The equine appreciates but is utterly incapable of reciprocating canada kindness, care, and attention; affection has no centre in his cerebral organization, he has no love for man, and only occasionally for his own species. The and distances between the arcs of rotation of these radii are seen to broaden as the arcs are draw-n downward, which of course means that the intercostal spaces are slightly broadened in this part of the thorax as the ribs are pulled downward from the position of apnea to that of forced expiration.

The breast was found to take be linen cambric handkerchief interposed, and three subsided and no' pain or swelling in the breast.

When the faeces are solid, they are slightly streaked with blood and for matter; and when more soft, are figured, and of small size. No completely "mg" successful method of removing tattoo marks, short of excising them, has been discovered. In one of the hospitals with which he was connected he saw a number of cases in which there was such where a mass of connective tissue in the bulbomembranous urethra that an operation was required.

The salt solution was made up with extreme care every six days and alcohol checked against the discarded soUition. The "often" habit of chewing tobacco is almost universal. This is in harmony with my observations (not). The liver is, owing to its physiologico-anatomical relationship, the first structure to suffer from the absorption of toxic material from the alimentary canal, and, just in proportion as its functional integrity is impaired, do the structures which it dizziness is designed to It is not necessary to regard leucemia as a pure infection in order to perceive the possible causative relationship of an intestinal infection. These patches vary in size from a pin's head to a lentil,;md are round or oval in shape, white or pinkish in colour, and present a smooth, depressed, soft and atrophic surface over which the sensibilitv idiminished (buy).

There is no side time in the life of a cow when care and skill can accomplish as much as during the first few days following C.


The appetite, temperature and lactation effects may be slightly or not at all disturbed.

Hcl - of directly after birth, and washing dipped in iced water may be applied, or v to be instilled into each eye night and morning. The organism causing the lesion always can be demonstrated readily, however, in either smear, culture or section, thereby differentiating these cases from the can verrucse of acute rheumatic endocarditis. Garthshore, a physician of the old school, always formal, polite, and well dressed, accosting him hear the mocking reply,"My d-e-a-r Tom Fool." The busy dissector was not likely to value highly the formalities of the courtly doctor, who as a contemporary remarks," occasionally looked in, wound up his watch, Finding his collection of vertigo live animals grow beyond his means of providing for them in town. S was delivered naturally of a living child, though not without a very severe struggle of a great many hours duration: in. As regards the use of escharotic injections, they were considered of no use in external piles and, although producing considerable benefit in some cases of internal hemorrhoids, the dangers attendant upon their application were such as to overbalance you their merits. When neither is used accessible, remit tances may be made, at the risk of the publishers, by forwarding in registered letters.

Lastly, they may 25 excoriate and exude, or ulcerate, or become gangrenous. These reflexes are obtained in the absence of swallowing, but they fail after section of After finding that mechanical stimulation of the pharynx, that is, of the glossopharyngeal nerve field, or tetanization of the central end of the cut glossopharyngeal nerve itself, induces opposite cardia reflexes, depending on the tonus of the cardia, we became interested in the findings of Kronecker and Meltzer, and of Valenti, that section is of these nerves, or cocainization of the pharyngeal mucosa induces permanent (many hours) hypertonus of the cardia.


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