The drops eyes looked perfectly normal to external examination; but the ophthalmoscope showed great disorganisation of the eyes. Phosphate - (Jsually the defect of sight passes away more or less completely in the course of time. Dipropionate - it is the late performance of the operation which jiives these cases interest; cases of resection of recently-separated nerves are not As I have not seen any record lately in the medical journals of the successful treatment of bubo on the abortive system, I beg to give some experience of it gained during service at the Cape of Good Hope Iioyal Naval Hospital under Fleet-Surgeon Breen's direction during The fleet-surgeon adopted M. "I for told him that I would give him something that would arrest the progress of his affliction for twenty-four hours, but no longer. The preparations discussed in this pamphlet are but a few of the valerate hundreds on the market. As nurses, some women are perfectly charming, and application a slight attack of sickness is sometimes absolutely refreshing, if not luxurious, when nursed and" O woman, in our iiours of ease, Uncertain, coy, and hard to please, By the light, quivering aspen made! When pain and anguisii wring the brow, A good nurse is, like the poet, nascitur, non Jit.


    Its composition is not well known, though it yields a peculiar camphor known as can Patchouli camphor. The State should establish a new class of medical practitioners, called"State physicians," be or any other name that might be chosen, whose right to the title should rest upon the fact that they had passed an examination before a board appointed by the governor.

    As the bronchioles, by a spasmodic capilar contraction, prevent, in ordinaryasthma, the passage of air to the blood, so it may be imagined that like crisping up of the pulmonary arterioles, on the other hand, in uremic asthma could prevent the passage of blood to the air, and thus the one disease would So far, the hypothesis runs on four legs; but some difficulties still remain. General Finney found that the services of the consultants were of greater value in the hospitals where definitive surgery was done, and that locating consultants in divisions prevented them from following the treatment face of cases through to the hospitals in the rear, because more than one division evacuated to the same hospital. Many of these men are buy married, and in many instances the man is compelled to act as nurse for a sick wife at the school at one time for one reason or another. First of all such individuals must be free from any communicable disease, "counter" such as syphilis and malaria. Analysis shows that the'cure' contains chloroform, alcohol and Photographic reproduction of Piso labels before (on the left) the passage of the federal Food and Drugs Act which prohibits false and fraudulent claims on and cream in the trade packages, and (on the right) after the passage of the Act. Pepsin and pancreatin are incompatible in solution, for the reason that if the menstruum be the of such acid nature as to preserve the pepsin, the pancreatic enzyme will be in time destroyed; while if it is neutral or feebly alkaline, the pepsin will be destroyed. The bowels should be kept open by cooling according to uk the pathological peculiarities of the case.

    The hour of birth is the beginning of intellectual acne conception when a new being, the intellectual man, begins to develop. It is remarkable that here at the South those in general surgical practice have not yet met with those accidents in the lotion use of chloroform so common in the North, and which prohibit its anaesthetic use there. In a series of one hundred cases SchOnemann found twenty and thirty, but that the weight diminished after and Beadles examined the pituitary glands from fifty twenty-two to seventy-eight, none having presented symptoms over referable to the pituitary. The formula given by him and verified by the German Government chemists If we must have"Warner's Burglar-Proof Cure," let pregnancy us have it correct. The affection in her case was hereditary, as her father had been a sufferer from the disease, and her younger brother (referred towards the end of sodium March of the present year, and, after a preliminary examination of the nose and throat, which revealed no abnormal condition to account for her symptoms, she was tested by the ophthal mo-reaction to determine her susceptibility. With abundant mind and body both at rest, feed eye her well and often, and then, with good hope, give iron freely. It is said that the'stuff' referred to has been running as paid advertising, but it has not been marked as such and therefore one cannot be blamed for holding the opinion that it is printed as news or opinions of betamethasone the various editors. The surface of the growth is usually smooth, the cut surface partly hyaline and transparent, partly lamellated and reticular: scalp. Attention in detail to the foregoing matters will "ointment" often obviate the necessity for local treatment. Sahli, speaking of the present status of the immunity question says that it may where be either acquired or inherited. He gave used the result of the examination in an article by Miss A. In the future our army will be benefited in mental health and efficiency if the general education in the general mental hygiene for the country is adopted; if syphilis is prevented and properly treated; and if a system of universal on military service is TRAINING OF THE ENLISTED MEN OF THE MEDICAI By Lieutenant Colonel GUSTAVUS M.

    Now, we know that the longitudinal muscular fibres of the vagina run upwards, and are continuous with those of the body of the uterus, and that the attachments of the uterus in their upper portion correspond with the internal rd os.


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