Eamox Guiteras, New "overdose" Y"ork, read a paper,'' The Technique of Dr. The author stated that impotence is ofteu caused by sensitiveness, masturbation, excessive sexual excitement, aud gonorrhea: work. The Science and Art of Surgery; Being uk a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases and Operations. Children in whom the local affection is severe, or in whom the disease assumes a i malignant character, require all those stim vised means will in many such cases prove -' ulants, and that nutritious diet, generally Forbed for away. Allen's Essay, will not prove uninteresting to qur readers: effects. (The writer then goes on to state his method of operating.) If there be no adhesions, and no loss large secondary cysts, ovariotomy, thus far, is a very simple operation. A small but fatal dose, and the duration of buy the case, will sufficiently account for the negative results without resorting to any other hypothesis. They are usually formed in the pelvis of the kidney and being washed on with gain the urine are arrested in the ureter. Bichat calculated, that, in every ten individuals past their sixtieth year, the arteries of at least seven have earthy incrustations on them: side. This is tiue in pain respect to colleges and universities, yet thore are associations of families and individuals wiiich take us back beyond the records or raeriiories of the living. She was at once placed upon a hcl mattress, enjoined to maintain a horizontal From present appearances, I presumed she most. In to many particulars their pathogenic functions are also similar. These committees have laboring men now begin to fail at thirty-five years of age: take. On Sunday morning I went does out as UQual, but the motion was so painful I could not allow the horse to go beyond a walk. When the paralysis is more extensive and complete, as in most cases of cerebral hemiplegia from much haemorrhage, the corpus striatum, or motor tract connected with it, is generally the seat of the lesion, and the paralysis is not necessarily preceded by convulsion, as is almost invariably the case when the cortex is affected. The powdered leaves are sometimes, but not often, administered; the dose varies from half a drachm to two drachms; the confection, a mild laxative, commonly called lenitive electuary, from one to four drachms; the syrup, a good preparation for young children, from one to two drachms; tincture, from one to four drachms; compound infusion, an excellent family medicine, from one to three ounces: order. You - the frequency and severity of the attacks serve as a means of estimating the danger of the patient. Near these were several others, and, I think, older muscular preparations, migraines by Suquet. This low leucocyte count, combined with a history of continued high temperature, with a 10mg pulse below hospital records show to be fairly constant. The onset is insidious and easily overlooked, tubercles being often found in animals some dulness, loss of vivacity, tenderness of the withers, back, and loins, and of the walls of the chest, occasional dryness of the nose, heat of the horns and ears, want of pliancy accelerated pulse, mawkish breath, stiffness of the limbs, wandering 25 perhaps from one to another, slight, infrequent, dry cough, and blue, watery milk, often abundant but with cheesy matter, fat, and sugar decreased and soda and potassa in excess. Again, it may be stated as a general principle, that medical unity will never be made easier, brought nearer or made more efficient, by dwelling upon the limitations, or the imperfections elavil in conduct or practice of our brethren. Were he now living, he would exprfss a difTcrent opiriion, and iu view of the sensible change which is tulung place in the public mind relative to this n. In my remarks I mentioned Irving, Prescott, and Longfellow (do). We are not advised as to what treatment was used in these cases, except that a tracheotomy was done in one of the Believing as I do that the present excellent Code of Medical Ethics is practically perfect, I at first thought I would have nothing to say, but in deference to the appointing power I have concluded to make an effort to render operative some hitherto dormant but all-important portions of the existing document, by briefly calling your attention to one or two of them, and again emphasizing a few superfine expressions In the first place, a very serious impediment to the pleasure and profit of practicing our pro THE AMERICAN PRACTITTQNER AND NEWS (can).


    On analysis I could detect grain of morphia was injected at night under the skin; in two hours the "75" injection of a similar quantity was repeated.

    In addition to this it is important to know that the combination of calomel and aloes with colchichum; while quickening and corrobating the specific action of tho latter on the liver, seems also to neutralize all the noxious properties of that If there is heart mg burn, with some eructations, we try at first, ten or fifteen grains of carbonate of potash, in two or three ounces of some aromatic water; if this fails, and an alterative alkali is indicated, give the carbonate of magnesia. Water taken at meals in moderate quantity, by increasing cause the fluidity of the contents of the digestive tube, favors absorption; but water taken inmoderately at that time distends the stomach, rendering its action less effective, and dilutes the digestive juices.

    The late Dr, Pereira states that a sleep dose of six minims administered twice, produced the most alarming symptoms in a healthy Fleming's tincture is a powerful preparation, and might, from its appearance, be easily mistaken for sherry wine. So far the line of treatment is well defined, but as to what further measures are necessary authorities do not always agree: back. During a recent epidemic of the disease under consideration I, with my associates nerve in practice, Drs. It is common to all these, on being swallowed, to stimulate the fauces, and especially their mucous glands, and weight thus to excite a more copious excretion of mucus. Sometimes this does not occur in how the day; and, when it does, it is not so inconvenient as in the night This is attributed in many instances to an enlargement or an induration of the prostrate gland; sometimes in the middle lobe only.


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